Born in Argentina, Liliana grew up in an environment where art was encouraged and appreciated. Her father, a commercial illustrator, spent long hours working at his drawing table, while her brother, a well known sculptor, was doing his life size figure drawings which Liliana always admired.

At the age of 19, Liliana emigrated to the US where she began her studies of drawing and painting at the University of Arizona. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, she attended graduate school at the California State University for two years.

In the early 1990's, Liliana was introduced to the California Art club through a dear artist friend also from Argentina, Rodolfo Rivademar. It was then that she began to paint the "plein air" style using oils. A frequent meeting place for the group to paint was in Palos Verdes. It was there that a whole new enjoyment of painting outdoors opened for her. The combination of fresh air, cliffs, fabulous views, hills and country homes had Liliana hooked on plein air. She feels a debt of gratitude to Steven Mirich, who allowed the group to paint at his beautiful home in Palos Verdes, and provided a fertile ground that encouraged her growth as an artist.

Liliana's work reflects landscapes from California where she resides, particularly the areas of Malibu, San Diego, Cambria, Bishop, Laguna Beach, Palos Verdes and Palm Springs. Her paintings have a strong drawing base, coupled with a free impressionistic style of brush stroke, and a very bold palette of warm colors.

The Early California artists that most impress Liliana are Hanson Puthuff, Franz Bischoff, and Maurice Braun. She has studied with prominent contemporary artists to develop appreciation and use of color. Liliana is a member of the California Art Club and has participated in their Annual Gold Medal Exhibitions for the last several years. She has received awards for her watercolors at the Riverside Art Museum, and for her oils at the Carmel Art Festival.

Liliana has been represented by the California Art Gallery since 1996. Her paintings are held in major art collections, both private and corporate.

Artist's Statement: "Freedom to interpret the landscape as I see it and feel it is the goal. I am not afraid to change as I grow in this endeavor. I don't want to be locked in a way where I can no longer grow. All the dots have to be connected in the process, so that the end result is lively and honest."